Musician Hearing Protection

Caring for a Huge Artistic Asset

Musician hearing protection

Here’s the new theme verse for a generation of musicians: “Eh? Say what? Can you speak up a bit louder, please!” Music-induced hearing disorders are a significant, yet underappreciated, problem in musicians of all genres. They also are worsening because of the multiple ways to generate noise in our society. Musician hearing protection is an important issue. After all, if a musician can’t hear, playing notes with accuracy becomes much more challenging…

Pointe Dancing: To Parents and Teachers

Five Tips for Starting On Pointe

Pointe Dancing Young Dancer

Pointe dancing is viewed as a rite of passage for girls in ballet. Of course, it is exhilarating when a young girl gets the “OK” from her teacher. Then Mom takes her to buy her first pointe shoes. But, under the best of circumstances this is a huge decision, one that could go very wrong very quickly…

Overcoming Limitations in Performing Arts

Rise Above Them and Be Excellent

Overcoming LImitations

I have a friend, Merry Lynn, who is a dance professor. She is a beautiful dancer and an extremely talented dance educator and researcher. She also is the inventor of a fascinating device called the Rolling Dance Chair. Her project has an incredible personal back story that came from tragedy in her family when she was a young girl. However, I want to focus here on how Merry Lynn’s passion for overcoming limitations can help you overcome limitations, too.