Better Healthcare for Performing Artists

They Deserve It!

better healthcare performing artists

I used to have a list of stories as long as my arm from dancers and other performing artists frustrated by their visits to doctors. But, now that list is as long as both arms and both legs, with a high chance that I will need to add more appendages to keep count. Artists need better healthcare!

Few things make my blood boil faster than hearing about performing artists who have bad experiences with doctors or other healthcare workers. Caring for someone properly requires first a sense of compassion and, second, a willingness to help someone to the best of your ability. Why is this apparently so difficult?

Pointe Dancing: To Parents and Teachers

Five Tips for Starting On Pointe

Pointe Dancing Young Dancer

Pointe dancing is viewed as a rite of passage for girls in ballet. Of course, it is exhilarating when a young girl gets the “OK” from her teacher. Then Mom takes her to buy her first pointe shoes. But, under the best of circumstances this is a huge decision, one that could go very wrong very quickly…