Better Healthcare for Performing Artists

They Deserve It!

better healthcare performing artists

I used to have a list of stories as long as my arm from dancers and other performing artists frustrated by their visits to doctors. But, now that list is as long as both arms and both legs, with a high chance that I will need to add more appendages to keep count. Artists need better healthcare!

Few things make my blood boil faster than hearing about performing artists who have bad experiences with doctors or other healthcare workers. Caring for someone properly requires first a sense of compassion and, second, a willingness to help someone to the best of your ability. Why is this apparently so difficult?

Musician Hearing Protection

Caring for a Huge Artistic Asset

Musician hearing protection

Here’s the new theme verse for a generation of musicians: “Eh? Say what? Can you speak up a bit louder, please!” Music-induced hearing disorders are a significant, yet underappreciated, problem in musicians of all genres. They also are worsening because of the multiple ways to generate noise in our society. Musician hearing protection is an important issue. After all, if a musician can’t hear, playing notes with accuracy becomes much more challenging…

A Dancer’s Anatomy Signature

The Reason You Are You!

Anatomy Signature graphic

Anatomy Signature™ is the term I coined several years ago to describe the unique design of one’s body. I wanted to help dancers I worked with be more satisfied with themselves. Basically, your Anatomy Signature™ makes you you! You are specially designed and valuable because of it.

Not all dancers have an Anatomy Signature™ that is ideal to be a prima ballerina or principal dancer…in fact, very few do. However, that should not keep them from enjoying dancing and trying to advance through the dance world as far as they can without physically or emotionally destroying themselves. I discuss this concept a lot in my performing arts health and kinesiology classes; the evidence that it resonates with students shows in both their faces and comments…

Ways to Effectively Teach Performing Artists

(Or Anyone, Really)

Hi, my name is Jeff Russell. I’m a healthcare professional to performing artists and a professor. One of the most incredible blessings of my life is to teach young people and watch their eyes light up when they “get it.” Many of those I teach are performing artists learning about anatomy, fitness, nutrition, injuries, and other performing arts health topics. But, every time I am with performers I realize that they generally don’t possess a lot of good health information.

The problem isn’t access…we have way more information in our world than we know what to do with. So, the problem must be getting the correct information to these artists, delivered by someone who actually cares about them and will invest in them. Ah yes…that’s why I developed Artisanus